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Environmental Benefits

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Those are the 3-R’s of environmental conservation and three principals that the ResinPak excels at compared to the Gaylord box and pallet.

Boxes and pallets seemed to be the packaging choice that was best for the environment because the base material is renewable. The ResinPak offers an environmentally friendly alternative with advantages the standard box and pallet can not approach.

Reduce – The average box and pallet weighs between 70 and 75 pounds versus the ResinPak which weighs about 16 lbs. This weight is very relevant to both a package's cost and its environmental impact. Since the ResinPak weighs less, it requires significantly fewer deliveries. The reduced number of deliveries not only saves on truck fuel, it also reduces forklift energy needs.

The weight benefits are also extended to shipping filled resin packages. The ResinPak requires 1,700 lbs less in a packaging weight to ship a truckload of resin when compared to boxes and pallets. By replacing packaging weight with product, the energy levels needed to transport the resin is reduced by almost 4%.

Packaging Per Truckload

Reuse – Gaylord boxes and Octabins are both very susceptible to moisture which makes successfully reusing them problematic. The ResinPak has no such weakness. In fact its flexible nature makes it resistant to the creasing that can occur with corrugated packaging. This same flexibility also allows ResinPaks to be returned for refurbishing at a greatly reduced freight cost than the corresponding boxes with pallets.

Recycle – When the ResinPak is at the end of its lifecycle the weight advantages show up again. Whether you are recycling or landfilling, the ResinPak takes one fifth of the truckloads for the same amount of packaging. Fewer truckloads, better for the environment.

Both boxes and ResinPak can be recycled but ResinPak does not suffer the freight penalties. Pallets can be repaired, but new materials are needed for each repair. The channel portion of the ResinPak, like the container portion, was designed with recycling in mind. In fact, the channels do not even need to be removed for the package to be recycled.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with ResinPak. We will help you support your company's Green Initiatives and protect the environment.

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