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Your competition will save a penny a pound by using the ResinPak instead of boxes and wood pallets. Can you afford to give up that much of a competitive advantage? With the ResinPak we can show you savings in direct package costs, freight, and warehousing. As a box and pallet replacement, the ResinPak can also lower your labor and landfill expenses. These are tough economic times which call for bold, innovative responses. How about $100,000 savings on 10,000,000 lbs of your product?

Gaylord boxes and Octabins with pallets are good packages for bulk resin packaging but neither offer savings that can be achieved with ResinPak. The ResinPak’s more efficient use of warehouse space both empty and full can help you save meaningful amounts of money. Unlike corrugated packaging, the ResinPak is not susceptible to moisture. Our package has a lighter packaging weight than a corrugated box with pallet, offering reduced freight costs, not to mention the lighter weight for the operators to handle.

The ResinPak is even more efficient at the end of its life than standard packaging. It does not matter if you landfill or recycle your bulk resin packaging. The compressibility and greatly reduced weight make shipping the used packaging less expensive. If you landfill, the ResinPak’s 16 lb weight is much less expensive than the 30 lb weight of the Gaylord box.

Those are all good reasons to buy ResinPak but there is an even better reason. In most cases the ResinPak is less expensive than Gaylord boxes and Octabins with pallets. In today’s economy savings like these can make a huge difference.

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